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Product details of Yoga Physio Gym EVA Grid Foam Roller Pilates Back Massage Orange 32x12cm

Material: EVA
Surface: Grid Trigger Point
Color: Orange
Quantity: 1 pc
Size: approx. 32x12cm / 12.5'' x 4.7''



- Made of EVA foam,Lightweight,soft to touch,rich elastic buffer,surface With Massage Grid Trigger Point

- Waterproof,anti-slip,non-toxic,tasteless,odourless

- The most popular pilates/yoga trainers, can also do children's sporting goods,swim rod

- Yoga column can help yoga practitioners to finish the balancing act

- Can eliminate muscle tension, and strengthen the core muscle strength and flexibility, stretching the muscles

and tendons,lipid-lowering toning

- Also can break up the soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue,Self-massage and myofascial release, break

trigger points, relieve tension fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation of the soft tissue





(1)After the warm-up exercises to do yoga column.

(2)The site of the soft tissue on the bottom of the column you want to relax.

(3)Gently roll the column body, the muscles need to be trained to train.

(4)The column moved slowly from the center to the extremities of the body.

(5)If you find body parts in the column pain,maintaining that part of the action until relax.

(6)Note tight little movement or parts.

(7)Rolling several times in every part of the shaft, until you feel relaxed. Sometimes there may be some discomfort.

(8)Ensure that the shaft in the soft tissue area, rather than directly on the bone or articular.

(9)The first time the use of the foam roller is shorter, 15 minutes is sufficient.

(10)At the beginning, after a period of time to rest for a while exercising.

(11)After the workout drink plenty of water, just as the same after a body massage.

(12)If desired, a few weeks after the training time can be increased.


How to use:

1.Exercise your hamstrings (the large tendon), first sitting on the rolls, the soft parts of the hips sit directly on

top roller. Slowly rolling back and forth, relax tight muscles

2.Unleash your quadriceps is one of the simplest methods of foam roller exercises. Maintain a balance with

both hands, lying on top of the shaft, the front part of the thigh workout from the hip to the knee.

3.Use yoga stick on the IT band may be painful, but many people find it is a very effective stretching

exercises.With the body lying on the side of the shaft, the shaft is located in the foam part of the hip look.

If you want to add more pressure should be maintained in the upper and lower legs in a straight

line.Alternatively,to reduce the weight of the bending leg axis in the foam and maintain a better balance.

Support with both hands, push the knees from the hip direction foam roller, tension or pain at the site of what

stays, repeat other side of the practice.

4.The yoga shaft located in the small calf, with the support of the hand, and slowly roll axis from the knee to the

ankle, while staying in tight or sore. Promote the launch of the shaft with their feet, keeping the toes bent,

focusing on the entire muscle group exercises. Increased by one leg or both legs or by reducing the pressure,

or a leg up to increase the pressure on the other leg.

5.Will be placed below the shoulder blade to the shaft of yoga massage and relax the muscles of the back,

hands on your head and keep your knees bent, feet flat on the floor.

With both feet to control movement and pressure, the head of the yoga axial rolling in the painful area to stay for

a while, then go back to the back of the central axis, repeat the above action.

6.Another point of muscle tension is under the shoulders, back and armpits, a lot of muscle contraction in this

area from the back because they are connected to the upper shoulder blade muscles. Use foam roller exercises

lats and triceps, while lying on the side of the body axis of the bubble,the bubble-axis positioning his arm in the

armpit (the base of the shoulder blade).

The axial direction toward the armpit,staying in pain at the moment,return and repeat.

This training can accurately find the need to exercise exercises muscles,take the time to do it very slowly.


  • Massage yourself
  • Eliminate muscle tension
  • Keep healty and young
  • Do some sports Anytime
  • Soft to touch
  • Waterproof
  • Made of EVA foam
  • Lightweight

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Specifications of Yoga Physio Gym EVA Grid Foam Roller Pilates Back Massage Orange 32x12cm

What's in the box:
  • 1 x EVA Yoga Foam Roller
General Features:
SKU OE721SPAA2JG50ANPH-5112008
Model Audew-MBqmWUgjYx
Size (L x W x H cm) 33.00 x 13.00 x 13.00
Weight (kg) 0.63
Warranty type Lazada refund warranty only

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You will be redirected to Lazada to complete your purchase. There are many payment options for you to choose. Once your order has been verified, Lazada'll take care of everything for you. All you have to do is wait for your package to be delivered.

answered on 08/14/2015

Can I call Lazada to place an order?

asked by Joseph Hudson on 08/14/2015

Yes. Lazada can assist you to place your order over the phone if your preferred payment method is Cash On Delivery (COD).However, Lazada highly recommend you to check out how to make a purchase online here If in any situation you cannot place an order online, please contact Lazada's Customer Service, Lazada will be more than happy to assist you.

answered on 08/14/2015

Will I receive any order confirmation after placing an order?

asked by Neil Davidson on 08/14/2015

Yes... An order confirmation with order summary will be sent to you through email and SMS right after you have placed your order. Lazada will also send email and SMS notifications to keep you updated frequently on your order status.

answered on 08/14/2015

Can I place a corporate/bulk order?

asked by Blake Hardacre on 08/14/2015

Lazada no longer cater corporate sales/ bulk orders. Yet you may contact us at for assistance on placing an order of multiple items.

answered on 08/14/2015

Can I return a product after 14 days upon delivery?

asked by John Mathis on 08/14/2015

Your item cannot be returned after 7 days for items under 100% Buyer Protection and 14 days for items under Satisfaction Guaranteed.

answered on 08/14/2015

Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

asked by Brandon Burgess on 08/14/2015

Your orders may be delivered on a weekend or a holiday depending on Lazada's courier's availability. You will be notified should your order be delivered outside of business days.

answered on 08/14/2015

I just received an email saying that my item has been shipped. When will I receive my order?

asked by Blake Abraham on 08/14/2015

Once shipped, you should receive your order within the promised delivery timeframe of 1–9 business days for Metro Manila and 7–14 business days for non-Metro Manila areas. Please note that deliveries for Hong Kong items may take longer.

answered on 08/14/2015

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